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The Friends of Jordan Association was founded in 2004 with a group of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) from Jordan along with former in-country staff. This group of RPCVs and former staff adopted the concept for Friends of Jordan from existing Peace Corps country “Friends of” groups. Peace Corps Jordan began in 1997, and six groups of returned volunteers existed by 2004. These returned volunteers were interested in having an organization that would bring them all together, help them stay connected to Jordan, connect them to others outside of the Peace Corps with an interest in Jordan, and provide a base for Jordan-oriented educational and charitable activities.

To find out more about Friends of Jordan, please continue check out our mission, our team, and our official documents and reports. And of course, feel free to contact us at any time.

Officer Positions

Officer Position Descriptions

(a)  President.

  • Arranges and conducts officer meetings
  • Works with officers to recruit new officers if a position is vacated between elections
  • Ensures that the Bylaws are upheld
  • Presents a report of the Association’s activities at the annual meeting
  • Calls special officer meetings if/when necessary
  • Receives and approves, along with at least 6 members, amendments to the FOJ bylaws
  • Acts as liaison between the organization, the community, the National Peace Corps Association, Peace Corps Washington, and other National Peace Corps Association groups


(b)  Vice-President.

  • Assumes the position of President should the President resign, be removed from office, or require a temporary absence
  • Acts as a resource to the President
  • Coordinates nomination and election of candidates for vacant Board seats
  • Acts as liaison between the organization, the community, the National Peace Corps Association, Peace Corps Washington, and other National Peace Corps Association groups


 (c)  Treasurer.

  • Has charge of all funds belonging to the organization
  • Receives, deposits, and disburses funds as appropriate
  • Maintains financial records as appropriate
  • Writes quarterly and year-end financial reports and submits them to the Secretary for distribution to Board members
  • Currently FOJ has a no-fee membership model so the membership process is handled by the Membership Coordinator through use of NPCA’s online Community Building Platform
  • Maintains Internal Revenue Service 501(c)3 status


(d)  Secretary.

  • Develops, maintains, and distributes the Association’s written records including bylaws, annual reports, and any other documentation of the Association’s structure and processes; acts as the liaison for the most current versions of these documents; and works with other officers to keep these documents up-to-date (example documents include the annual calendar, position descriptions, membership and renewal forms, and others)
  • Records meeting minutes from officer meetings and general meetings or ensures a substitute if planning to be absent
  • Archives records required by Maryland law; maintains tax-exempt status with the Maryland Secretary of State
  • Maintains Association membership with the National Peace Corps Association, including writing and submitting the annual organizational report to their offices in Washington, DC
  • Manage and maintain Association email account


(e) Membership Coordinator.

  • Maintains Database: Receives and enters new membership information provided by NPCA or through the FOJ membership database
  • Provides new member contact/orientation
  • Liaises with existing members about any membership concerns
  • Answers non-member questions
  • Contacts non-members and encourages them to join
  • Writes articles in newsletter about the benefits of joining


(f)  Program Coordinator.

  • Plans or oversees Association programs, such as online membership discussion forums, educational or awareness campaigns, small-grants funding, or social gatherings; arranges time and place of program events
  • Encourages Association members to participate in programs and events
  • Notifies Communications Coordinator of upcoming program events
  • Coordinates program event publicity with the President
  • Submits a report on each program event to Communications Coordinator for publication in next newsletter
  • Develops new programs, events, or activities
  • Oversees program committees, comprised of Association members, established for the purpose of promoting one or more Association programs


(g)  Fundraising Coordinator.

  • Consults with Board Members and establishes the target fundraising amount for the year
  • Develops and coordinates fundraising activities to meet the annual goal; example activities could include a banquet dinner, silent or on-line auction of Jordan related items, pitches to other organizations with an interest in Jordan (such as the Jordan Embassy in D.C.), and the like
  • Works on funding for new programs that are not contained in the annual fundraising goal and other events that may arise
  • Maintains a network of member contacts from each volunteer service group (J-1, J-2, J-3, etc.) to serve as the person to approach Association members if/when asking members to contribute individually


(h)  Communications Coordinator.

  • Publishes the Association’s newsletter on a regular basis and distributes the newsletter to the Association’s membership, preferably by email
  • Solicits information for the newsletter from Officers, other members, National Peace Corps Association, Peace Corps Washington, Peace Corps Jordan, other Peace Corps Association groups, or other members of the community
  • Maintains the Association website so that the information is current and relevant
  • Responds to information requests submitted to the site
  • Makes sure all dues related to maintaining the site have been paid by the Treasurer
  • Maintains communication with website host via email
  • Pilots a focus on building and maintaining a social media presence consistent with the organization’s goals

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We are an affiliate of the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA).

NPCA is the nonprofit alumni network at the center of a vibrant community of over 220,000 people who share the Peace Corps experience. NPCA champions lifelong commitment to Peace Corps ideals by connecting, engaging and promoting its members and affiliate groups as they continue to make a difference in communities in the U.S. and abroad. NPCA is also dedicated to advocating for, contributing to, and supporting the betterment of the Peace Corps. Visit NPCA to learn more