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Small Grant Guidelines



The Friends of Jordan Association (FOJ) offers up to US $150 in financial assistance to:

     Jordanian communities or groups (the “Applicant”) currently working in Jordan to support community-based                       volunteer projects or activities (“Project/Activity”).

     Jordan RPCVs (the “Applicant”) who wish to fulfill (“Project/Activity”) the mission of the Peace Corps’ Third                         Goal: To promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.

FOJ uses a free service, PayPal, to transfer grant funds to Applicants’ American bank accounts. If any volunteer does not have an American bank account, alternative options may be available on a case-by-case basis.

Upon completion, the Applicant emails a project report and photos taken during the activity, or at the completion of the project as appropriate.

Application instructions and forms are included at the bottom of this page.


Small Grants Program Objectives

To promote grass roots community development, cultural exchange, environmental beautification, learning opportunities, or provide services for Jordanian communities in need.

To keep FOJ members up to date on community development activities in Jordan.

To help Jordan RPCVs achieve Peace Corps’ Third Goal to promote Americans’ understanding of other people and countries.


Eligibility Requirements

Applicant is a Jordan RPCV or is affiliated with a Jordanian-based organization (i.e., not just a single individual or individual family).

Applications must be submitted in English.

To encourage Applicant and community involvement, funding requests are limited to USD 100 when asking FOJ to cover 100% of the Project/Activity costs.


Application Process

  1. Applicant develops program proposal based on demonstrated needs in the community.
  2. Applicant submits a Small Grants Application (attached) via email to the FOJ Program Coordinator at . List the email subject heading as “Small Grants Application” (to ensure proper filtering).
  3.  The Program Coordinator will acknowledge receipt of the application and distribute the application to at least two FOJ members for review.
  4. Within 30 days, the Program Coordinator will notify the Applicant via email of the award decision and, if approved, will forward the approved application to the FOJ Treasurer for immediate disbursement of the grant award.
  5. Applicant completes the Project/Activity.
  6. Upon completion, the Applicant writes a 1-page Small Grant Project Report (see form provided with guidelines). Submit the report and any digital photographs (if available) to the FOJ Program Coordinator at .
  7. List the Email Subject as “Small Grants Project Report” (to ensure proper filtering).
  8. Follow the directions for submitting digital pictures (FOJ email can only accept attachments under 2 MB).


Selection Criteria

As an organization whose members are primarily returned Peace Corps volunteers and staff that served or worked in Jordan, Friends of Jordan believes that small grants can go a long way in contributing to community development In the absence of in-country volunteers, FOJ’s mission is two-fold: to support community-based volunteer projects in Jordan, and to encourage Third Goal activities that promote a better understanding of Jordan among Americans. FOJ has purposely framed the objectives and eligibility requirements to cover a broad range of activities or projects. FOJ will support all applications that will achieve the program objectives, meet the eligibility requirements, and for which funds are available. Each application will be judged based on the following criteria:

     The Applicant and any affiliated organizations have the capacity to achieve the Project/Activity as planned in         the       timeline allotted

     The Project/Activity will achieve the objectives of the Small Grants Program

     The budget (consisting of requested funds and community contributions) is sufficient to carry out the                                   Project/Activity

A committee of at least two FOJ members will review applications and judge eligibility. The review form used to judge eligibility is posted with these guidelines.
When available funds are limited, FOJ will prioritize funding for unique projects by groups in areas that have not previously received a Small Grant award.

Should the review committee judge an application ineligible, the Program Coordinator will notify the Applicant via email, state the requirement(s) the application failed to meet, and suggest potential modifications. Applicants can modify for reconsideration.


Source of Funds

The Small Grants Program is supported by generous contributions from FOJ members and others who support Peace Corps’ mission and grassroots development in Jordan. Contributions are tax deductible. If you would like to contribute—or know of someone who would—please email the Program Coordinator at


Funds Transfers

FOJ uses a free service, PayPal, to transfer grant funds to volunteers’ American bank accounts. If any volunteer does not have an American bank account, alternative options may be available on a case-by-case basis.

Setting up a free PayPal account can be done through the PayPal website ( by following the instructions below:

  1. From the PayPal homepage click the “Sign Up” link at the top of the page.
  2. On the next page, select “United States” as your region (since you will be linking to your American bank account). Select your language and then click “Get Started” found in the “Personal” box on the bottom of the page.
  3. On the next page, enter your primary e-mail address (which will serve as your username) and the billing address for the American account you would like your grant transferred to. When you are finished click “Create Account.”
  4. The next screen will ask you how you want to pay for purchases. Click “Continue” under the “Pay with my bank account” box.
  5. Enter the banking information for your checking account linked to your American debit card and then click “Continue.” (Note: if you already have a PayPal account linked to this bank account you cannot create another PayPal account. Each bank account can only have one user attached to it.)
  6. On the next screen you can choose to either confirm your account instantly or confirm in 2-3 days. If you choose to verify instantly than you must enter your user name and password for your bank account. If you choose to wait 2-3 days you will receive special instructions to follow.
  7. Once your PayPal account is confirmed, FOJ will be able to send grant payments to you using your user name. This generally takes 2-3 days to confirm.
  8. Once funds have been deposited into your PayPal account, you must transfer them from PayPal to your American bank account. You can then withdraw them from an ATM in Jordan (FOJ will add a few extra JD to cover this cost)

If you have any questions about this process feel free to contact the FOJ Program Officer directly at PayPal also maintains a Help section that can answer most questions about creating an account.


Additional Notes

Applicants give the Friends of Jordan Association broad rights to use or publish all submitted materials (text and photographs) to promote the grants program, publicize the activities of the Association, and fundraise on behalf of the program and Association.

FOJ will require the return of any grant amount that FOJ discovers was used improperly for purposes other than those outlined in these guidelines.

FOJ will also require the return of a grant should the Applicant fail to submit the required written summary and photograph(s) in a timely fashion following project/activity completion.


Further Questions

Please direct further questions regarding the Friends of Jordan Small Grants Program to either the FOJ Program Coordinator or President at: